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A new and improved way to get on your jet ski before it ever leaves the lift

We are now offering Ascension Stair Lifts

IMM Quality Boat Lift’s revolutionary new Ascension Stair Lift is the latest example of our innovation and engineering excellence. The Ascension Stair Lift features self-levelling steps, so you can stand on a completely flat tread no matter the height that the lift platform is raised to. The Ascension Stair Lift offers convenient water access for a variety of purposes because the stairs are capable of going both up and down. Maybe you want an adjustable height boarding platform for your boat? Maybe you want an easy way to get your PWC, kayak, or paddle board down to the water? How about an easy access swim platform? Would you like to have stairs with a platform below the waterline so that your pets can get out of the water without help? No matter how you choose to enjoy the water, the Ascension Stair Lift provides safe and reliable water access that is easy to use.